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Roasted Stuffed Chicken

Homemade by Uni

We always love everything that homemade, especially the one that made with passion, love, and heart. Therefore we support our new partner, Homemade by...
Dandan Senin

Dress Up and Get FREE Nachos!

Do you know how easy it is to get FREE Nachos? You just get your favorite Monday’s outfit, be confident, and strike your best...

Featured on TransTV

We were so excited when Trans TV crew went to Bintaro People’s Market–to Letta’s Kitchen in particular. Our nachos and enchiladas got exposed!  ...

Guacamole on Weekends!

Good news for all Letta’s Kitchen nachos lovers! Every weekends (Friday – Sunday), we always provide Guacamole sauce at Bintaro People’s Market. Of course...

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